Barry's Super Sweet Mix Tape For Lance

      Readers of Lance Armstrong's twitter page might have noticed a post this morning that read "Driving to the race listening to "Barry's super sweet mix tape for Lance". Dude named Barry gave it to us. Thanks, Barry."
      It turns out that dude named Barry was none other than (former OBRA standout) pro mountain biker/cyclocrosser and diarist Barry Wicks, who now lives in Santa Cruz. No word yet on whether Wicks will burn us a copy, but we expect a column out of this (hint hint).

Plews Takes Kona 24 Hours In The Old Pueblo

      2008 OBRA mountain bike champion Evan Plews (Capitol Subaru Cycling) won Arizona's 10th Annual KONA 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo Feb. 14-15 in his first Streamate attempt at a 24-hour solo race.
      Plews finished ahead of Britain's Ian Leitch and legendary MTB star Tinker Juarez, who won in 2006 and 2007. The race began at noon on Saturday and ended 24 hours later. The Oregon pro covered 18 laps during the race, which took place about 20 miles north of Tucson. Each lap covered about 16 miles and offered 1,200 feet of jasminlive elevation gain.

      "My plan was to maintain my 100 mile pace for the entire 24 hours," Plews reported via e-mail. "It worked well, and soon I had caught and passed the early leader, Tinker Juarez, and was riding alone in the lead as darkness approached. At 11:11 a.m. I lapped Tinker and decided that it was time to rest. We had a little recovery meal, pulled some cactus spines out of my legs (overzealous cornering!), and crossed the jasmin cams finish line victorious at 12:01 pm.
      "Celebrating a decade of mountain biking in the Sonoran Desert, the Kona Bikes 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo is one of the largest jasmincam events in North America, hosting more than 3,000 participants, volunteers and spectators throughout the three-day Presidents Day weekend.
      Plews won OBRA's 2008 Bar points for the mountain bike and was second in Overall points. Portland's Erik Tonkin (Kona) also made his jasminelive debut but did not finish the race, dropping out around 7:30 a.m. after completing 10 laps.
      Oregon's Twin Towers duo of Barry Wicks and Ryan Trebon paired up with Kona teammates Matthew Slaven and Chris Sneddon for the 4-Man race, where they finished second to team Adrenaline's Jeff Herrera, Sam Schultz, Andy Schultz and Chris Suter.

Rathe Tops Cherry Pie Men's Field

      A trio of 17-year-old juniors dropped the hammer on the men's pro 1,2 field at the 2009 Cherry Pie Road Race, which kicked off the OBRA season Sunday on roads northwest of Albany.
      The Hammer CMG Racing Team stamped its mark on the field by claiming three of the top four spots. Portland's Jacob Rathe, a member of the U.S. Junior National Team, out-sprinted Kennett Peterson (Life Cycles) and teammates Austin Arguello and Wes Stein over the uphill finish to claim the top prize. Arguello is also a member of the Junior National team.
      Breakaway attempts met with little success over the 52.2 mile course, which combined long flat straightaways with a handful of gentle rollers and a deceptively tough uphill finish. Small groups in the men's pro 1,2 field tried in vain to animate the race with repeated breaks, but none gained more than 20 seconds before the field reeled them back.
      The combined women's 1,2,3 field followed pretty much the same pattern, with the group remaining intact until the finishing climbs, where Lisa Turnbull sprinted away from the field to take an easy win by seven seconds. Jen Akeroyd (3) fought hard for second, and Libby Evans (3) finished third, nipping Jackie Cohen (3) at the line.

OBRA's complete results:
Men Pro,1,2 1. Jacob RATHE 2. Kennett PETERSON 3. Austin ARGUELLO
Women 1,2,3 1. Lisa TURNBULL (1,2) 2. Jen AKEROYD (3) 3. Libby EVANS (3)
Men 3 1. Andrew BENNETT 2. Zak KOVALCIK 3. Sage FREEMAN
Juniors 13-15 1. Colby WAIT-MOLYNEUX 2. Lance PUGH 3. Gabriel NOLLER
Juniors 16-18 1. Joe PRETTYMAN 2. George ZACK 3. Brian FAWCETT
Masters 40+ 1. Karsten HAGEN 2. David ZIMBELMAN 3. Matt SLATER

OBRA's Miller Flexes Muscle In Snowy San Diego Hills

      OBRA's Carson Miller (Land Rover-Orbea) showed some early season form with a sixth-place finish in Sunday's Boulevard Road Race. The race marked the return to the pro ranks for Floyd Landis, back from a two-year suspension for a doping case that cost him his 2006 Tour de France title, and featured a driving snow storm as the riders started a course that took them into the mountains outside of the city.
      Miller joined an early break group but was dropped during ensuing attacks, according to a race report at "Two laps into the four-lap race, a group including Day, Evans, Kemp, two-time San Francisco Grand Prix winner Dionne, Sheldon Day (Bissell), and Carson Miller (Land Rover-ORBEA) bridged up to Fly V Australia rider Sulzberger, who had attacked on the first lap. When the break caught Sulzberger, he countered and only Day, Evans and Kemp were able to respond." Despite being dropped from the lead group, Miller, who finished 3rd in OBRA's 2008 Road BAR points competition and 10th in Overall points, hung on Sunday for a sixth-place finish in a field packed with pros readying for the upcoming Tour of California.

KONA Factory Team Packs Usual Oregon Punch

      The Kona Factory Racing Team will feature familiar Oregon faces on its 2009 MTB cross country line up. Bend's Ryan Trebon (pictured here at the USGP Portland Cup in December) will return, along with fellow Oregon "Twin Tower" Barry Wicks and Portland homeboy Erik Tonkin, who will ride his ninth season with the team. Filling out the roster are Canadian Wendy Simms, who is also returning from 2008's team. Downhiller Joe Smith has been added for this season.
      Trebon, nicknamed "Tree Farm" because of his 6'5" length, rode away from the nation's top 'crossers at the last race of the U.S. Gran Prix of Cyclocross, which finished, rain-slogged PIR course. He also won the USA Cycling National Cyclocross Championship in Kansas City and the overall North American Cyclocross Trophy series. Trebon is schedule to compete at several stops on the Kenda U.S. Cup MTB Series, as well as starting the Downieville Classic, Kona's 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo and a several World Cup mountain bike events.
      Wicks will focus on World Cup cross country races. He also plans to return to the BC Bike Race to defend his title along with teammate Kris Sneddon. He'll race at the Old Pueblo as well. Tonkin will complete in several Kenda U.S. Cup Series races and will attempt his first solo 24-hour race at Old Pueblo. Wendy Simms (pictured at the USGP Portland Cup in December), has won four Canadian national cyclocross titles. She plans to focus on multi-stage events and will look to defend her BC Bike Race title with husband Norman Thibault.

Few Words About Cycling Diet and Energy Boosts

Cycling diet is often overlooked by many cyclists, yet it is essential to maintain your health and fitness and in giving your body the right nutrients it needs to recover from heavy training sessions. If you're going out on a long training run then ensuring you have the right cycling diet is important. You need to be sure you have enough energy inside you to complete your training session.

Fuel up before your training session, carry something to eat during it and you need to eat after the session to allow your body to recover from the hard work you have just put it through. A good cycling diet will facilitate all these things. Another good point is about weight loss. If you are cycling to lose weight then forget about the bathroom scales as your monitor and use body fat monitors instead.

This is because cycling reduces fat and builds muscles. Muscle is heavier than fat, so if you use the scales to monitor your progress you will not see much drop in weight as the fat is reduced but the muscle increases. Using body fat monitors will give you a truer picture of your fat shedding progress. Your cycling diet should be based on good quality foods based on fresh ingredients'. A natural diet will involve more effort but is worth it for the returns you will get in higher energy levels and a more robust immune system.

Avoid fast foods, sugary pop drinks and instant meals which are full of fat and sugar. Your cycling diet should be based on fresh fruit and vegetables, lean meat and nuts. Balance is also crucial. Make sure your cycling diet includes a good balance of the right food groups. Carbohydrates, healthy fat products, protein and vitamins. A diet rich in these nutrients and well balanced will not only improve your cycling but will give you a great health boost generally. If you are using cycling to lose weight don't skip meals. You need to keep enough energy stored to get through your training sessions. Skipping meals is a mistake. Just drop all the sugary rubbish and replace it with fresh foodstuffs. This along with hard cycle training will be enough to get rid of those excess pounds.

Look at your cycling diet as important as your bike and clothing in your cycling training. Get the balance of diet and training right and you will soon reap the benefits of increased endurance and improved health.

Cycling trips let you experience thrill and fun. They offer you an excellent opportunity to explore many places. If you want to choose longer cycling trips, you need to carry healthy cycling snacks. They can help you get enough energy and delay hunger between meals. It is important to differentiate snacks from reats. Taking chocolate bars and chips as snacks may suppress your hunger, but they do no good for your health. It is therefore important to choose healthy and tasty snacks that give you an energy boost while cycling.

Energy bars

Energy bars are convenient cycling snacks that supply you sufficient calories. Most of the bars available in the market contain carbohydrates, proteins, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and amino acids. High protein and high carbohydrate bars are also available. You can choose any of them, according to your need. You can even pick meal replacement bars that supply more calories than other types of bars. They include fibre, fats, protein, vitamins and minerals in addition to carbohydrates.


Muffins are perfect snacks for cyclists. They are rich in carbohydrates and low in fat. They let you keep pedaling tirelessly without buying costly gel foods. You can prepare a variety of muffins with easily available ingredients at home and take them along with you easily for cycling trips. Corn muffins are a great option that can be prepared using brown sugar, egg, corn oil, creamed corn and sour cream. These muffins taste good with creamy tomato soup and sausages for breakfast. If you want to take them for dinner, you can eat with ham or chicken.

Oatmeal muffins are the other perfect cycling snacks. You can use simple ingredients like oats, butter, eggs, brown sugar, desiccated coconut, all purpose flour and wheat germ. You can take these muffins with banana, non-fat yogurt, butter and eggs to reduce your body resources wasted in digesting fat while cycling.

Graham crackers and peanut butter

Peanut butter sandwich is a better and all time favourite snack for cycling trips. You can also take pieces of graham crackers with natural peanut butter and make small sandwiches. Peanut butter offers healthy fat and protein, while graham crackers are a rich source of carbohydrates.

Dried fruits

Dried fruits not only taste great, but they also provide you with plenty of sugar, vitamins and minerals. Dried pineapple and banana chips are great cycling snacks. You can even try dried papaya and apricots. These dried fruits are great alternatives to syrupy energy gels.

Other snack options

There are many other options for cyclists. Sandwiches made with lean meat, salad, baked beans on toast, whole grain crackers, baked potato with low fat sour cream and creamed tomato, fruit juice, flavoured milk, fruit buns, fruit smoothie and rice crackers are some of the best cycling snacks.

The snacks that are low in fat and rich in carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals help improve your cycling performance. It is important to keep your body hydrated while cycling. Your body should receive a steady supply of energy. You can choose from an array of tasty and healthful snacks to keep yourself energised while cycling.

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